Revealing Tips for Extremely Effective Scratch Card Game from Experts

When participating in playing scratch card games at all entertainment playgrounds today, the thing that every bettor is interested in is Scratch card game tips. These tips are required to be good, accurate and capable of winning as easily as possible. Down here top 12 game bài đổi thưởng will send you game tips compiled from the hottest betting community of this house.

Overview of the scratch card game at gamebaitst88

Scratch cards do not originate in Vietnam, however, when this game was introduced to our country, it was modified in its gameplay to better suit Vietnamese people. This card game also has another name: three-card card, which means that while playing, the player will only use three cards.

In general, scratch cards have a very simple gameplay, and are even called the easiest to win among casino games. However, winning is not always easy, so to win for sure, everyone needs accurate scratch card game tips.

Overview of scratch card game

Some basic scratch card game tips

Before learning the scratch card game tips, players need to equip themselves with the most basic ways to play the game. 

Basic playing rules

In a standard scratch card game, the number of participants will only range from 2 to 6 people. However, this is just a general rule in typical scratch card games, there are places where the number of people can be much larger but is still allowed.

The scoring meaning of the cards in the scratch card game will include:

  • Card A will be counted as 1 point, cards from 2 to 10 will count as points equivalent to the points on the face of the card.
  • The human head-shaped cards are counted with an equal number of points, ie 10 points, without being divided between high and low

Once you understand the rules of the cards and the number of players above, continue to learn about how to compare cards to determine victory or defeat.

Cards in scratch card rules

How to place bets while playing

After being assigned 3 cards at the beginning of the match, players must place bets according to the options below.

  • Set your cards: When you see that your cards are too weak to compete with other opponents, you can set your cards. However, this will cause you to lose your bet at that moment.
  • Raise: increase the bet, when players realize they have a high chance of winning, they will proactively increase the bet to collect big.
  • According to: The player keeps the amount of money he bet before and chooses to win according to that amount, winning as much as he wants
  • All-in: that is when you choose to bet all the money you have and are completely confident in your cards

After all players have finished placing their bets, everyone will now turn over their cards and add up their points. The winner will be the person with the highest total score of cards, they will receive points from the losing players. 

Revealing scratch card game tips to increase your chances of winning

If you only understand the rules and how to play, you may not be able to win, because this game sometimes does not need you to understand the rules. The small scratch card game tips below are exactly what you need to prepare before entering the match.

Prepare for a comfortable psychological state

A comfortable psychological state is definitely the most important thing that every player needs to prepare in advance. That helps the other person not overwhelm you, but sometimes even makes them afraid of your own confidence. The closer you get to the time of making big decisions, the more you need to stay calm, then your brain will function clearly instead of trembling in fear.

Tips for scratch card games to reduce play

In scratch cards, the risk is relatively high, so if you don’t really have much experience, you should only choose a low level of play. Or if you have been playing for a long time but today’s games are not really lucky, you should reduce your playing level accordingly. 

Know the general rules by heart

Usually, the rules at different bookies for scratch card games are quite similar, but you should prepare more by studying them carefully. Because those regulations are sometimes also a condition for the opponent to circumvent the law. Therefore, if you know the rules well, all other people’s scratch card game tips will be invalid.

Need to focus on watching throughout the match

Not only scratch cards, all modern gambling games require players’ observation and analysis. If you are good at this, you will soon have great success and change your life. A small tip for the card game is to analyze your opponent’s expressions, which can be a hint for their upcoming strategy.

Essential scratch card game tips for you


Above is the most basic information about scratch card game tips by We have compiled information from the current betting community. Hopefully readers will achieve success based on these useful tips casino gamebaitst88.

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