Hi88 Online Blackjack – The Top Card Game on the Market

Online blackjack Hi88 is an unmissable choice for bookmaker members. The game is quite simple, giving bettors the most perfect and quality experience space today. Therefore, when you want a game to experience, you should choose Hi88 to play Blackjack. In particular, don’t ignore the following information to win.

The standard way to play Blackjack online for bettors

Xì dách online Hi88 is chosen by many brothers because of its simple playing style and similar to traditional playing style. So what is the best way to experience Blackjack? Game rules, participation actions as well as scoring methods are shared in detail as follows:

Hi88 Blackjack rules you should know

Participate in betting Online blackjack, Hi88 bettors should master the game rules:

  • The game uses 52 cards.
  • Each game has 2 or more people and no maximum member limit.
  • The player proceeds so points with Dealer.
  • The highest total score of 21 or close to 21 wins.
  • Rewards are returned based on the capital invested by the bettor.

How to calculate Hi88 Blackjack points

Hi88 blackjack is regulated in detail about the participation process as well as scoring. Accordingly, points are calculated based on the cards in the game. Bettors should know that:

  • For pieces with values ​​from 2 to 10, points are assigned according to the number of buttons. For example, a 5 card is considered 5 points, a 10 card is considered 10 points, …
  • Cards like J, Q, K will be counted as 10 points.
  • Meanwhile, the Ace card can be flexibly considered 1, 10, 11 points depending on the card everyone has above to get the most benefit.

In the article there are special cases such as: 

  • Blackjack: A card with 2 cards A and 10 or A and one card of any shape.
  • Poker: Cards with any pair of A’s.
  • Five Spirits: 5 cards with a total value less than 21.
  • According to the rules, the point value in the game title Online blackjack Counting from small to large, they include: Cards – Five Spirits – Blackjack – Poker.

Options in the Hi88 Blackjack game

While participating in the fight Online blackjack in Hi.88, everyone should master the betting activities on the table. Accordingly, the actions that take place pellets What Hi88 can do includes:

  • Stand: The player chooses to use the current number of points in hand.
  • Hit: You ask for more cards from the dealer. This is a card dealt by the Dealer and has a random value.
  • Split: Hi88 members have the right to split two identical cards into two separate bets. Accordingly, the bet is also doubled and the experience process is the same.
  • Double: You choose to double your bet and choose 1 more card.
  • Insurance: If you suspect the dealer has an Ace card, choose this feature.

Process of playing Hi88 online blackjack

Online blackjack Hi88 has a fairly simple way to play, but everything is regulated in detail. Those who experience this game should pay attention to following the following process:

  • After entering the game, players will go to the game table they choose. Dealer deals the first 2 cards, everyone checks the total score of the cards. 
  • If the player has special circumstances, the bet wins. If you have a score of 17 or more, don’t. If the member has less than 17 points, they draw a third card. After each draw, you check your points to see if you should add a card or not.
  • The bettor can choose to draw up to 3 cards and compare cards with the dealer. The side with the higher score will war win.

How to participate in the online Blackjack card game at Hi88

Fight Online blackjack It’s not difficult, but everyone needs to know information about the experience process to have the smoothest gambling process. According to previous players, people do:

  • Step 1: You register for a Hi88 bookmaker account. Everyone should remember to choose the correct dealer link, enter the correct information and data that matches the CCCD. People only need to follow a few steps and in a few seconds quickly complete the registration.
  • Step 2: Members log in and proceed to deposit money. The bookmaker system has a series of different transaction methods such as scratch cards, banks, etc. Bettors can choose any method to transact.
  • Step 3: Everyone goes to the Casino lobby on the main menu of the home page interface. Next, the system has a series of games appearing, bettors choose online Blackjack. Members enter the game, choose to place a bet and proceed to experience. After the game ends, the reward is returned according to regulations to the player who bets.

With just a few steps, we see that the process of participating in Hi88 Blackjack is complete. Everyone can quickly enter the game and experience their entertainment process.


Online blackjack Hi88 brings exciting entertainment time to all bookie members. The game is simple, easy to access and should be suitable for many rookies. Therefore, please register with the dealer and choose to experience it today.

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