Shoot fish and explode online to win the most attractive prizes in 2023 at New88

Poker fish shooting is a popular entertainment game on online casinos and is offered by Trang nhà cái New88. The game combines traditional fish shooting and pot exploding features, giving players a fun and exciting experience.

Shooting fish and exploding jars at New88 how?

In the game, players will control a ship and shoot fish to earn money. Each fish has a different value, depending on its size and color. Players can also pick up support items such as bombs, golden boats, flags or other items.

In addition, the game also has a pot exploding feature, allowing players to bet and spin to receive valuable rewards. These rewards can be cash or other valuable items to keep players engaged in the game.

Exploding fish shooting is designed with sharp graphics and vivid sound, creating an extremely interesting and attractive entertainment space.

Instructions for playing fish shooting at the house New88

Step 1: Log in to your account New88 your. If you don’t have an account yet, register for one on our website New88.

Step 2: Select fish shooting from the homepage menu New88. You can then choose the room and table that suits your bet level.

Step 3: After selecting the table, you will see the fish shooting game screen. You will control a fishing boat and shoot objects in the water to earn points.

Step 4: You can choose different types of bullets to shoot depending on your purpose. Bullets have different values ​​and can affect your score.

Step 5: If you hit the fish, you will get points. Different types of fish have different point values. You can also shoot items like pearls to increase your score.

Step 6: When you achieve enough points, you will be rewarded with cash corresponding to your score.

Step 7: Continue playing to earn more points and bonuses.

Note: When playing fish shooting at New88, you need to set the bet before shooting and depending on the type of ammunition and the target you shoot, the cost of each shot can vary. Be careful and calculate carefully before betting.

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Tips for playing fish shooting and exploding jars from experts

  • Choose the right weapon: Each weapon will have a different price and different destructive power. Choose the right weapon for the amount of money you can use to achieve maximum effectiveness.
  • Focus on the big target: While shooting fish, focus on bigger fish to increase your chances of earning points.
  • Regularly participate in events, promotion: New88 Regularly organize events and promotions related to fish shooting. Participate in these programs for a chance to receive additional gifts and reduce gaming costs.
  • Smart financial management: Set a specific budget for playing fish shooting and always stick to that budget. If you are unlucky and lose continuously, stop and avoid continuing to bet too much to avoid losing financial control.

Play fish shooting and exploding jars at New88 not only brings entertainment but also the opportunity for you to flourish on the path to success and wealth. Are you ready to join in conquering this peak? Let’s Register now and start the adventure now New88 today!

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