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MB66 It’s just an online casino that appeared recently but has left a huge impact on the betting market. Many people appreciate the quality of the game genres as well as the reputation of this house. Let’s see the detailed introduction with okvip for you!

What is MB66?

MB66 currently one of the most reputable bookmakers in the Asian betting market. Established in 2015, the bookmaker has achieved a lot of success in its field. Along with that is cooperation with many large game companies in the world. So the game in MB66 always guaranteed high quality and reputation.

In addition, what makes the brand of MB66 There are also famous representatives including Robin Van Persie – former captain of the Dutch team, Manchester United Club and John Terry – former captain of the England team, Chelsea Club.

Besides, MB66 is also an Official partner of the Spanish Football Federation, which cannot help but mention three famous football teams: Crystal Palace F.C, Burnley Football Club, Huddersfield Town. This has increased the reputation of this playground.

Rich and diverse game store

MB66 Providing a variety of betting products and services such as sports betting, online casino, Esports, slots, fish shooting, 3D games, lottery,… with a variety of games. First of all, the betting odds are also considered by many people to be the highest in the betting market today. So that MB66 is a reputable bookmaker not only in the Vietnamese market but also known in many other countries. 

Sports betting

With the tolerance of MB66, sports betting bets are given quite a lot of attention by bookmakers and invested quite heavily. The house has invited famous experts in the field of betting to provide the most standard betting odds. 

With a variety of bets and ensuring transparency in payouts, the house has affirmed its class in the field of sports betting. Summary of many sports that can be bet on MB66 can be listed as follows: Football, baseball, volleyball, table tennis, boxing, golf, Futsal, Billiards,… 

With a variety of bets such as Asian Handicap, European Handicap 1×2, shake bets, handicap bets, over/under bets, point bets, cross bets, double bets, chain bets,…dealer Always quickly and accurately update many attractive tournaments such as World Cup, Euro, Seagame, C1 Cup, C2 Cup, La Liga, League 1,… with extremely attractive odds, less fluctuation, less jump odds.  Therefore, you have more chances to win.


Esports on MB66 Including famous games with a large number of players such as LOL, FIFA, AOE, etc. These game genres are attracting many young players in Vietnam. The matches between players are always fierce and dramatic, attracting hundreds of thousands of followers.

The form of Esports betting is similar to soccer betting. You just need to buy tickets to bet on the team you predict will win. Results will be calculated according to the live results of the match. The redemption rates of video games are often very attractive and have a high chance of winning.

Online Casino

You will feel overwhelmed if you know the number of people betting in our live casino MB66. With hundreds of attractive games with a variety of betting forms and sharp graphic quality, guaranteed to bring unforgettable experiences to players.

With hot and sexy Dealers in games like Baccarat, Roulette, Xoc Dia,… online chat brings interesting things to these game genres. Online casinos are provided by the world’s leading casino providers such as: Sexy Baccarat, Evolution Gaming, Microgaming,…

Slots game

Poker is a game genre that is no longer strange to bettors. If you love this game genre, you cannot miss this house MB66. With a rich game store along with a careful investment in quality. Not only is it an entertaining game genre, but it can also bring high value prizes.

Fish shooting, 3D games

With a variety of game genres from classic to modern, MB66 offers many attractive games that cannot be refused. In particular, the rewards in the game are also of high value. That’s why many people participate in these game genres MB66. In addition, the graphic design and beautiful, realistic images make players feel like they are in the games.


With the lottery hall above MB66, players will not have to go anywhere but can still play the lottery anywhere with their phone or personal computer. Moreover, the reward exchange rate is always high, bringing a large source of income to players.


According to information about đối tác MB66, surely you understand why this house is so hot, right? With the number of games we have introduced above, you can probably choose a few games to participate in MB66 then right?

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