Everything about Northern Phom and top fighting strategies

If we talk about the most popular card game today, Northern Phom is always the leading name. This game is already very familiar to Vietnamese people when entertaining at game portals or online bookies. However, if you have just learned about Phom, there is a high possibility that you do not fully understand this card game. Therefore, please take the time to follow all the content below Kubet for more effective fighting strategies.

Introducing Northern Phom 

Phom in the North is also known by another name Ta la. This card game, no matter where it appears, is always loved by many people and attracts attention. Going back to history, Phom was originally born at the end of the 20th century in Xuan Thu – Tu Son – Bac Ninh. In order for you to win this card game, you must accumulate trash from other members to create Phom. 

Detailed rules for fighting Phom in the North

According to the general regulations of Northern Phom, each game will have a maximum of 4 members. When you start playing, each person is given 9 cards. Individuals can deal 1 more card to make 10. The remaining cards are collectively called Nocturnal and are kept between all participants. 

Each Northern Phom game will have a total of 4 rounds. The leading member will eliminate the first trash. The person next to you is allowed to eat Phom or skip and pick another card from Noc. If that member chooses the right to eat, he must put down a piece he is holding. Next, the remaining people do the same. 

The game will end when a member busts the card. But if at the end of round 4 and no one Buzzes, everyone must lower their cards and start counting points. 

Calculate Phom points in the North 

In Northern Phom, the way to calculate points when playing cards is also very simple. Accordingly, you only need to follow the requirements as follows: 

  • All cards from 2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 are counted according to the value printed on that card. 
  • The cards J-Q-K-Ace are counted in the order of 11-12-13-1.

At the same time, scores will be the factor for you to determine rankings and winners to receive rewards. If any member fails, they will not lose their bet. Whoever has the lowest score must pay a fine at the end. The 2nd lowest member receives two penalties. Whoever scores the highest loses 3 bets. In addition, if you get the bet and have the highest score, you have to bet 4 times. 

Penalty situation in Northern Phom 

In addition to the reward calculation law, Northern Phom also has regulations on penalty situations that you need to pay attention to as follows: 

  • If you play a waste card and it is taken by another member, you must pay a penalty of 1 bet. In addition, when it is the last round, the amount of money you have to lose is 4 times the initial bet. 
  • In a situation where a member wins 3 cards from the previous player, that individual will be fined and must pay all bets to the remaining members. 
  • In the final round, if you capture the last card, the member who defeated that card must pay a fine to the remaining player. 

General instructions when participating in Northern Phom online

Currently, most people choose to play Northern Phom online. Because this way of participating is easy to access and does not require you to have enough members. Every time you access the game portal or the house, the system always has a table available for you. All players need to do is deposit money and have fun, specifically as follows:
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  • Step 1: Find and choose a reputable, quality place to play Northern Phom. Most game portals or bookmakers today have this card game. 
  • Step 2: Register for a game portal or bookmaker account to be eligible to participate. 
  • Step 3: Once you have successfully registered, deposit money according to the form offered by that playground. 
  • Step 4: Find the Phom lobby and go to the available play rooms. 
  • Step 5: Normally in the Phom lobby, the system will divide into many rooms depending on the bet amount. 
  • Step 6: Choose a suitable game room or create your own table.

Basically, game portals or bookmakers will have the steps to participate in Phom as above. Please apply and customize based on the design of the place you play. 

Some tips for playing Phom at its best 

Although playing Northern Phom is quite easy, winning this card game is not simple. Especially when you are sitting at a table where there are experts present, you have to be really “tough” if you don’t want to be caught and pressured by your opponent. Therefore, please follow the top tips for playing Phom below: 

Sentences to create Phom 

Phỏm making sentences are extremely amazing playing tips that new players need to understand, specifically: 

  • Phom Hall fishing: if you are holding 5-7 diamonds and 6 hearts, then fish for six diamonds by playing 6 hearts. At that time, the opponent will guess that you want to remove the trash card and immediately play the 6 of diamonds. 
  • Closing Sentence: This type of sentence is considered a high-risk method. However, if you are lucky, your chances of receiving money are extremely high. Suppose you have 3 K cards and suspect your opponent is about to play a card with K. Then you should break that trio and wait for the key card from that member. However, this is a bit risky, so you should limit betting too big. 

Play a ‘poison’ card

At the moment the cards have just been dealt to you, quickly combine the cards into a Phom card. Because almost every card played first has a 50% chance of being taken by the opponent. Therefore, you should rely on the pieces that other members play to judge and find the appropriate strategy. 

Grab the bomb 

Tips for playing Northern Phom by holding Bom is a method used by quite a few players. If you find your cards are bad or difficult to win, try to play them out so that other members can win. 

In particular, you should destroy pairs, straights or cards to prevent your opponent from taking the pawn. If necessary, you can even destroy Phom if you don’t see any cards to pawn. 

However, to do this you need extensive experience. Because if you’re just getting started in playing Phom, then with just a few inexperienced steps, it will definitely be difficult to surpass other experienced members.

In addition, you should only apply this technique when your cards are too bad or you no longer have the ability to come first. At the same time, if you want to bring someone along, using this method is also quite effective.  


At the end of the game, the member who wins next is allowed to send the previous person’s Phom. Therefore, please pay attention to see if there is a suitable place on the table, then boldly ask for it. This will help you lower your score quite effectively. However, your opponent can also use this method on you and come in first. 


So you just finished discovering all the information about Phom in the North. Here you have to admit that this card game is too attractive and engaging. Phom is not simply entertainment but also a place for you to prepare your troops and come up with reasonable strategies that lead to victory. 

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