Advantages and disadvantages of telemedicine

Just 20 years ago, remote doctor consultations would have been called quackery. But progress affects all spheres of life; it has not bypassed medicine, and the pandemic has become its driving force. Today, a good telemedicine software development company has hundreds of clients who want to use its services. Why has the opinion towards remote medicine changed so much? Because clients fully experience all its advantages.

What are the benefits of telemedicine?

There are several reasons for the rapid development of telemedicine. The first is population growth. In some countries, the population is increasing, and doctors simply cannot physically accept all the patients in their offices. The second is the reluctance of many to visit medical institutions with large crowds of people who may be sick. It is the legacy of the pandemic. The third is the lack of time to travel to clinics and wait. These reasons became the basis of the advantages of remote medical care.


If desired, a person can sign up for an online consultation with any doctor who provides this service. For many, this is the only opportunity to get an appointment with a leading specialist, no matter where they live, and get a chance for recovery.

Save time

This is especially true when you need to travel to another city or country for a scheduled treatment appointment. Thanks to telemedicine, many patients, having undergone treatment in clinics outside their localities and countries, continue to be seen by their treating specialists.


Regardless, reducing content with people potentially infected with a contagious disease reduces the likelihood of its transmission. Therefore, many people prefer remote scheduled visits. Conscientious patients choose telemedicine, not wanting to infect others when visiting a medical facility.


This is a very important advantage for those who do not want their disease known. It is especially true in small towns, where everyone knows each other and news travels very quickly.


Online consultations are always cheaper. And if you also need to travel a long distance to get an appointment, the lack of travel expenses and even possible accommodation in another city make the savings even more significant.

For many patients, talking to a doctor at home is more convenient and psychologically comfortable. However, despite telemedicine’s many positive aspects, its disadvantages are worth discussing.

Disadvantages of telemedicine

No things, phenomena, or processes in the world consist of only advantages. Telemedicine also has its disadvantages:

  • you will still have to take tests and undergo examinations at a medical institution;
  • impossibility of accurate diagnosis and detailed visual examination;
  • dependence on technical problems, for example, on the platform on which the consultation takes place, the availability of the Internet;
  • limited action – if the patient needs help urgently, the doctor can only give advice.

However, progress does not stand still. Leading development companies around the world are working to minimize these shortcomings, improve the platforms, expand their functionality, and enhance doctors’ capabilities. Therefore, telemedicine will soon become as commonplace as a regular visit to the doctor. At the same time, this format of interaction will be as comfortable as possible for patients and clinics.

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