Tim Misny Net Worth – Salary, Wikipedia, Family, Wife, Age, Height

Tim Misny, a renowned personal injury attorney, has amassed a net worth of $60 million through his successful legal career. Known for his catchphrase, “I’ll make them pay,” Misny has built a reputation for securing substantial client settlements. His wealth is a testament to his expertise and dedication to law.

How Tim Misny Makes Money

Tim Misny makes money from various sources, such as:

Television Career

Tim Misny’s foray into television has significantly contributed to his income. Known for his weekly show on Cleveland CBS affiliate WOIO, Misny has become a local household name.

His television presence extends beyond his show, with appearances on various programs, including “Today,” “Doctors,” and “Anderson Cooper 360,” which have all played a role in bolstering his public profile and, by extension, his earnings.

Real Estate Investments

Misny’s real estate investments reflect his business acumen. His ownership of several properties in Ohio, including the renowned 55-acre woodland estate known as “Misnyland” in Waite Hill, showcases his investment strategy.

These properties are not just homes but are part of his more extensive financial portfolio, contributing substantially to his net worth.

Tim Misny Real State

Endorsements & Sponsorships

The catchphrase “I’ll Make Them Pay!” has transcended the courtroom to become a brand in itself, leading to numerous endorsement deals and sponsorships.

Misny’s strategic marketing efforts, including approximately 240 billboards and memorable TV ads, have created additional revenue streams that complement his legal practice.


Tim Misny is also recognized for his philanthropic endeavors. His contributions to the Cleveland City Mission and the “Make Them Pay!” Boxing Club demonstrates his commitment to giving back to the community.

While not direct sources of income, these initiatives enhance his reputation and goodwill, indirectly supporting his professional success.

Future Projections

Tim Misny’s income is expected to grow, with his legal and television careers thriving. His real estate investments and potential new ventures will likely contribute to this growth, ensuring his financial trajectory remains upward.

Tim Misny Salary, Income & Earnings

SourceEstimated Earnings
Television Career$1 million – $2 million per episode
Real Estate Investments$20 million – $30 million profit
Endorsements & Sponsorships$5 million – $10 million deals
PhilanthropyDonations exceeding $20 million
Future ProjectionsNot quantifiable

Who is Tim Misny

Tim Misny is an American individual physical issue legal counsellor known for gaining practical experience in cases including birth injury, clinical misbehaviour, and unfair demise.

Over three decades of practice in Greater Cleveland, Misny has become a local figure through his weekly television show on Cleveland CBS affiliate WOIO and his memorable slogan, “I’ll Make Them Pay.” His career and personal philosophy are deeply influenced by his family’s history and immigrant roots.

Tim Misny Wikipedia

Tim Misny Wikipedia & Biography

Real NameTimothy P. Misny
Known AsTim Misny
ProfessionPersonal Injury Lawyer
BirthdayApril 22, 1955
BirthplaceEuclid, Ohio, USA
WifeStephanie Paulitsch
ParentsAndy and Rose Marie Misny
Age69 Years
Height6 Feet, 4 Inch
Weight225 Pounds
Zodiac SignTaurus

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Early Life

Tim Misny, a third-generation Slovak American, was born on April 22, 1955, in the Cleveland suburb of Euclid. His early life was marked by the tragic death of his maternal grandfather during the construction of the Terminal Tower, which inspired his future legal career.

His paternal grandfather, Janos Mizanyin, immigrated to the United States from Slovakia, altering his surname to Misny upon arrival.

The untimely death of Misty’s maternal grandfather, Joseph Vulich, in a construction accident at Terminal Tower instilled in him a deep sense of justice and a desire to advocate for those affected by the tragedy.


Misny’s career is not only defined by his legal victories but also by his distinctive marketing approach. His catchphrase, “I’ll Make Them Pay,” has become synonymous with his brand, propelling him to local fame through his weekly television show on Cleveland CBS affiliate WOIO and other media appearances.

Misny’s philanthropic efforts extend beyond the courtroom. He supports causes like the Cleveland City Mission and maintains his unique estate, “Misnyland,” which reflects his larger-than-life persona.

His innovative advertising and community involvement continue to endear him to the public, making him a notable figure in personal injury law.

Tim Misny Billboard

Tim Misny’s billboards have become a staple of Ohio’s highways, with his latest campaign drawing attention for its minimalist design featuring only his eyes and iconic eyebrows. Known for his slogan, “I’ll Make Them Pay,”

Misny’s billboards are a testament to his branding success, numbering around 240 statewide. This bold marketing move has sparked conversations and comparisons to literary symbols, cementing Misny’s status as a local icon.

Tim Misny Clock

Tim Misny’s unique promotional item, the “It’s Time to Make Them Pay” clock, has become a sought-after piece of merchandise among his fans.

This simple digital clock, with its distinctive design featuring Misny’s slogan, is a functional timepiece and a symbol of his brand’s commitment to clients. Initially given to clients, the clock’s popularity led to its inclusion in Misny’s holiday merch collection.

Tim Misny Merch

Tim Misny has expanded his brand into merchandise with a unique line of holiday-themed items. His collection includes stockings, puzzles, ornaments, and cards, all adorned with his likeness in a Santa Claus outfit.

This festive merch, available at Misnymerch.com, showcases Misny’s flair for marketing and ability to connect with the community.


Tim Misny’s educational journey laid the foundation for his successful career in law. He began his academic pursuits at St. Paul Elementary School, followed by graduation from St. Joseph High School in 1973.

Misny then attended John Carroll University, where he embraced the rigorous Jesuit training and graduated with a pre-law degree in 1977. His time at John Carroll was marked by academic excellence. He achieved a 3.9 GPA, which reflected his intellectual discipline and determination.

Continuing his education, Misny enrolled at Cleveland–Marshall College of Law, earning his Juris Doctor degree in 1981. During his law school years, he worked full-time in the Euclid Prosecutor’s office, which provided him with practical experience and a deeper understanding of the legal system.

This combination of academic knowledge and hands-on expertise equipped Misny with the skills necessary to become a formidable personal injury lawyer known for his tenacity and commitment to his client’s causes.

Tim Misny House

His home, known as “Misnyland,” is a testament to his success and unique character

  1. Misnyland is a 55-acre estate located in the Cleveland suburb of Waite Hill, reflecting Tim Misny’s success and personality.
  2. The main house on the property is a sprawling 16,000-square-foot mansion equipped with various luxury amenities.
  3. The estate is not just a home but a symbol of Misny’s larger-than-life persona, complete with tennis and bocce courts, a swimming pool, and meticulously maintained gardens.

Tim Misny Family

Tim Misny hails from a family with deep roots in the Cleveland area. Born to Andy and Rose Marie Misny, he is a third-generation Slovak American. His family history has significantly influenced his career in personal injury law.

His paternal grandfather emigrated from Slovakia, and his maternal grandfather, an Albanian immigrant, tragically died during the construction of Terminal Tower in Cleveland.

Tim Misny Family

Tim Misny Kids

Tim Misny is a proud father of three children. His eldest son, Maximilian Aldrovandi Misny, was born on December 13, 2009. Alongside Maximilian, Tim and his wife Stephanie are blessed with twins, Gus and Ruby, completing their family. The Misny household blends vibrant personalities and a shared commitment to family values.

Tim Misny Wife

Tim Misny is married to Stephanie Paulitsch, whom he wed in a romantic ceremony in Rome, Italy, on June 23, 2007. Together, they have a son named Maximilian and reside in their expansive woodland estate, “Misnyland,” in the Cleveland suburb of Waite Hill. Their marriage is a blend of love, support, and shared values, a cornerstone of Misny’s personal and professional life.

Tim Misny Wife

Tim Misny Age, Height, & Weight

Tim Misny was born on April 22, 1955, and is 69 years old as of 2024. He stands at an impressive 6 feet 4 inches tall and weighs around 225 pounds.

Misny complements his commanding presence with his distinctive bald head and piercing brown eyes, iconic through his billboards across Ohio.

His physical appearance, much like his legal reputation, garners recognition and respect in the Cleveland area.

Tim Misny Social Media Presence

Tim MisnyInstagram
Tim MisnyTwitter
Tim MisnyFacebook
Tim MisnyWebsite

Final Words

Tim Misny’s life is a testament to the power of resilience and dedication. A rich heritage and a history of personal tragedy in his family inspired Tim Misny to pursue justice from a young age.

His career as a personal injury lawyer has been marked by his commitment to helping those affected by injury and wrongful acts. Misny’s personal life, including his marriage and the joy of fatherhood, reflects his deep-rooted values of family and community service.

How much is Tim Misny net worth?

As of 2024, Tim Misny’s net worth is around $60 million.

How much is Tim salary?

The legal profession does not publicly disclose Tim Misny’s salary details to reflect the private nature of personal earnings.

Where does Tim Misny live?

Tim Misny resides at his estate, “Misnyland,” in the Cleveland suburb of Waite Hill.

Is Tim Misny married?

Tim Misny and Stephanie Paulitsch married each other on June 23, 2007.

How old is Tim Misny wife?

Tim Misny and his wife, Stephanie Paulitsch, prefer to keep her age private, reflecting their respect for personal privacy.

Is Tim Misny a real lawyer?

Yes, Tim Misny is an established personal injury lawyer with over 32 years of practice in Greater Cleveland.

How old is Tim Misny?

Tim Misny was born on April 22, 1955, making him 69 as of 2024.

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