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Game sales job is attracting more and more young people to choose it, because the job requirements are not too difficult, but the salary and benefits are quite attractive. In addition, the dynamic, youthful and comfortable working environment also helps the job receive the attention of a large number of candidates. Let’s Kubet installer We learn more about this job through the article below!

What is game sales? 

Game sales job It can be simply understood that you will be the person who directly consults and takes care of customers with the goal of signing a contract on entertainment game services for the company. This process is not only carried out with partners in Vietnam, but also abroad depending on the market the business supplies. 

This is quite a popular job in recent years because online entertainment is increasingly growing and popular. This makes many businesses and individuals want to distribute quality entertainment game products. 

Therefore, the desire to find good sales and expertise from game management and supply units is also increasing rapidly. This creates career opportunities for many young people who want to experience and explore a high-paying job, helping to develop all necessary skills. 

Description of game sales job 

To be able to apply game sales job At, you need to clearly understand the tasks that need to be performed when becoming an employee in this position. In general, depending on different businesses, the requirements for the work to be performed will correspond. Specifically: 

  • Find out clearly all the products that the company is offering on the market. 
  • Work directly with the marketing department to understand customers’ general needs and desires for services. 
  • Search for potential partners and conduct introductions and care with the goal of signing a contract to provide game products. 
  • Collect information from customers as well as direct players, in order to communicate it to the production side for appropriate improvements. 
  • Build an online gaming community suitable for the product you are in charge of, to attract a large number of users. 
  • Ensure completion of work and sales targets assigned by management from the beginning of the month. 
  • Coordinate with the marketing department to conduct monthly promotional and building campaigns for the game. 

What requirements do I need to meet to apply for a game sales job position? 

After going through these game sales job need to be done, to easily join the business’s human resources team, you need to meet some of the criteria below. Specifically: 

  • Men, women, LGBT from 18 years old – 35 years old. 
  • Personal laptops available. 
  • Candidates need to have passion and understanding of hot games on the market. 
  • Always have a serious working attitude and take your work seriously. 
  • Have a degree in IT, Computer Science, etc. at the College or University level. 
  • Have experience working at agencies, game publishing units or in a technical role for 6 months – 1 year. 
  • Good communication ability, flexible in many different situations. 
  • Have necessary knowledge and skills about marketing. 
  • Game sales job It is necessary to require the ability to manage and allocate appropriate time from staff during the process of contacting and taking care of guests. 
  • Possesses good communication skills, convinces listeners and effectively answers all customer questions. 
  • One of the indispensable top requirements is closing sales and consulting customers well. 
  • Able to predict entertainment trends of young people, making predictions about hot games in the future. 
  • Good knowledge of promoting products and services in groups, fanges, etc. At the same time, need to know how to manage customer information well. 

Benefits received when choosing a job in game sales

Once the requirements have been met game sales job, then you will receive certain benefits from the business. This not only provides motivation for employees, but also demonstrates the company’s responsibility towards its staff. Specifically: 

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  • For candidates who are not knowledgeable about entertainment products, they will be trained thoroughly to advanced levels to understand the necessary data when introducing them to customers. 
  • Working shifts of 8 hours/day from 12:30 to 15:30 and 19:00 to 22:00.
  • Basic salary is 7,000,000 VND/month. 
  • Discount commissions depending on revenue range from 9% – 22%. 
  • There is a 13th month salary, holidays, and Tet. 
  • Employees work in a friendly, clear environment. 
  • Participate in attractive green game titles provided by the company.

Game sales job brings candidates new opportunities, with extremely attractive incentives that cannot be missed. We Kubet Hopefully with the above article, readers will understand this position better. If you feel you have the qualifications and experience, don’t hesitate to apply for an interview right away!

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