Method of catching serve bets for betting rookies

Betting on serve receives a lot of support from bettors because it does not take much time for players. This is a type of bet that if you have never participated before, you can try it. Together OK9 Find out the experiences now to be able to play and win the serve match.

What is a serve bet?

Sports betting is a colorful world with many types of betting odds appearing. Players can freely choose different betting odds without worrying about getting bored. Currently, serve bets are chosen by many players to try because of the fun it brings when placing bets. Players will have to predict which team will receive the ball first and recharge bet on that team.

It can be seen that if you bet on this type of bet, the time to get results is quite fast because throughout the match, they only serve the ball once in the first round. As soon as the referee decides who will serve the ball, the results will appear immediately for the house and players to follow. Usually, the referee will use a coin toss to decide which team will serve first.

This is quite a competitive bet because it takes place in a short time, so if you don’t have too much free time, you can immediately bet on this bet to get both quick results and easily win if you’re lucky. That’s why try to improve your betting skills in this type of bet.

Experience in catching serve

After learning about the ball-catching odds, rookies in this type of odds will need experience to successfully catch the serve. Players must utilize many different strategies to be able to make the right decisions when placing bets. Let’s learn about some good experiences left by longtime players.

Choose the home team

The odds of predicting the winning team in this bet are 50:50 because there are only 2 teams participating in the competition. However, according to surveys of many matches, the home teams participating in the competition are often chosen to serve the ball in the first set. That’s why players should pay a little attention to the home team and choose to bet on the home team as soon as they see signs that the home team is favored.

You should not choose to bet according to the majority

Because the number of people placing this bet is quite large, the number of bets is strongly divided if the result favors one team. Players should choose according to their own opinions, not see that the other team has more bets and then follow without any reason. Believe in your ability to judge and analyze so you won’t regret it.

Know how to observe and analyze football matches

To bet on serve successfully, players need to have good observation skills before the match starts. There are signs indicating which team the referee will choose to serve. If players pay attention, they will quickly make the right choice to bet. Besides, if there is data, players can analyze whether that team is often chosen to serve or not and then place a bet.
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Take the time to learn about the two teams in advance

Before entering the match, players must first learn about the competition history of that team. Often the team’s history can show the number of times the team has been selected as the team to make the serve. Or between two teams, whichever team has more serves can confidently bet.

Note when betting on serve bets

When participating in betting on serve bets, players, in addition to knowing how to bet on serve bets, also need to pay attention to the things that can happen during the betting process. There are notes that players need to apply when betting both live and online. Let’s learn about these notes.

  • If the bet is finished, the player needs to check whether the system has recorded the bet successfully or not. A large number of bettors can cause the system to be clogged, leading to players not having time to place bets or placing bets in failure.
  • The time for the ball-catching bet is quite short, so players must have a reasonable time to bet. After the match starts, bets are invalid 
  • If the match has not yet started but is canceled, the serve bet will most likely also be canceled
  • If the delivery time changes, the player will be notified of the time so they can place their bets on time


With the serve betting experiences listed above, hopefully you can take the time to apply these experiences to betting. By simply applying enough, players have a high chance of winning with extremely attractive bets.

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