Matt Morrow Net Worth 2024 – Assets, Wikipedia, Wife, Age, Height

Matt Morrow, also known as Vegas Matt. He is a professional gambler and social media star with an estimated net worth of $40 million. He is the founder and CEO of Bodē Pro, a health and wellness company, and he has a popular YouTube channel where he shares his gambling adventures, tips, and strategies. Matt is also a generous and helpful person who loves to share his insights and advice with his audience.

How did Matt Morrow Make his Net Worth

Matt Morrow makes money from many sources, which include:

Gambling winnings

Matt Morrow makes a lot of money from gambling, especially slot machines. He has a knack for finding and playing the best and most profitable machines and often hits big jackpots and bonuses. He also makes money from sports betting, poker, and other casino games.

YouTube revenue

Matt Morrow has a successful YouTube channel with over 465,000 subscribers and 180 million views. He makes money from the ads that run on his videos, as well as from sponsorships and partnerships with other brands and companies. He also sells merchandise, such as shirts, hats, and mugs, to his fans and followers.

Bodē Pro income

Matt Morrow is the founder and CEO of Bodē Pro, a health and wellness company that offers innovative products and services. He makes money from the sales and commissions of his products and from the bonuses and incentives he receives as a leader and a top earner in the company.

Daily Earnings$1K-2K
Monthly Earnings$30K-60K
Yearly Earnings$500K-700K

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Matt Morrow’s Early Life & Career

Matt Morrow was born in Ordina, California, on October 4, 1963. He was the youngest of four children and had a happy and supportive family. His parents were both teachers, and they encouraged him to pursue his interests and passions.

Matt Morrow has been interested in technical and mathematical things since he was young. He loved to play with puzzles, games, and computers, and he had a natural talent for spotting patterns and strategies.

Matt Morrow Earnings

Matt Morrow started his gambling career in 1989 when he joined a network marketing company specializing in sports betting. He learned the ropes from his mentor, Harvey Conner, who was already a legend in the industry.

Matt also developed his system and method for predicting and placing bets. He soon became one of the top earners and leaders in the company, and he expanded his gambling portfolio to include other games, such as poker, blackjack, roulette, and slot machines.

Matt Morrow Wikipedia & Biography

Real NameVegas Matt Morrow
Known AsMatt Morrow
Date of BirthOctober 4, 1963
Place of BirthOrdina, California
WifeKc Vanlue Morrow
Age28 Years
Height5 Feet, 9 Inch
Zodiac SignLibra


Matt Morrow graduated from Ordina High School with honors and received a scholarship to attend Stanford University, where he majored in computer science. He was a bright and curious student, and he excelled academically. He was also involved in various extracurricular activities, such as chess, debate, and sports.

Matt Morrow Early Life

Matt made many friends and connections and enjoyed his school and college life. He acquired various skills and knowledge from his education, such as logical and analytical thinking, communication and persuasion, creativity and innovation, and entrepreneurial and leadership skills.

Matt Morrow House

Matt Morrow owns a stunning house in Henderson, Nevada, where he lives with his wife and pets. His house is a spacious and elegant property with a pool, a spa, a game room, and a wine cellar. It also has a spectacular view of the city and the mountains. Matt Morrow’s house reflects his success and lifestyle, and it is one of the most impressive and desirable homes in the area.

Matt Morrow Wife

Kc Vanlue Morrow and Vegas Matt married on May 14, 1989, in a beautiful ceremony in Las Vegas. They exchanged vows before their family and friends and celebrated their love with a lavish reception. They also had a honeymoon in Hawaii, where they enjoyed the sun, the sand, and the sea. Kc Vanlue and Vegas have been married for over 34 years and are still going strong.

Matt Morrow Wife

Matt Morrow Age, Height, and Weight

Matt Morrow was born on January 9, 1996, which makes him 28 years old as of 2024. He stands at a decent height of 5 feet and 9 inches or 1.77 meters. He has maintained his body weight in his sixties, and some reports speculate he weighs typically 71 kg or 143 lbs. Matt Morrow is a fit and healthy person who enjoys working out and playing sports.

Final Thoughts

Matt Morrow is a remarkable and inspiring person who has achieved great success and fame in the gambling and online industries. He has over $40 million net worth, which he earned from his various ventures and businesses.

Vegas Matt is also a famous and influential content creator with a large and loyal fan base on YouTube and social media. He is a skilled and charismatic gambler who has won millions of dollars playing slot machines in Las Vegas.

FAQs about Matt Morrow

What is Matt Morrow net worth?

Matt Morrow net worth is estimated to be around $40 million, which he earned from his gambling, network marketing, and online businesses.

How much does Matt Morrow earn from his YouTube channel?

Matt Morrow earns an average of $20,000 to $25,000 monthly from his YouTube channel, with over 500,000 subscribers and over 100 million views.

Who is Matt Morrow’s son?

Matt Morrow’s son is Ej Morrow, a successful entrepreneur and network marketer.

Who is Matt Morrow’s wife?

Matt Morrow’s wife is Kc Vanlue Morrow, his life and business partner. She is also a network marketer, realtor, and social media influencer.

How old is Matt Morrow, and what are his height and weight?

Matt Morrow is 28 years old as of 2024 and was born on January 9, 1996. He is 5 feet and 9 inches or 177 centimetres and weighs around 71 kg or 143 lbs.

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