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Makeiva Albritten is a renowned actress, dancer, and model with a net worth of about $1 million as of 2024. Makeiva’s story is a testament to the power of perseverance and the art of diversifying one’s talents. Join us as we unravel the secrets behind her success.

How Makeiva Albritten Built Her Net Worth

Makeiva Albritten makes many from many sources, which include


Makeiva’s journey to financial prosperity began on the stage and screen. With her dynamic presence, she’s captivated audiences and filled her purse with more than applause. From her breakout role in Queen of Kings to her spine-tingling performance in Watch Your Back, acting has been a lucrative gig for this starlet.


But Makeiva isn’t just a one-trick pony; she’s also a dancing queen. Her moves aren’t just smooth on the dance floor and smooth to the bank. Each step adds a jingle to her pocket, whether hip-hop, ballet, or a sizzling salsa.


When Makeiva strikes a pose, it’s not just for the camera – it’s for the cash. Her modeling gigs have seen her grace the pages of top magazines, and let’s say those photoshoots pay more than peanuts.

Social Media

In today’s digital age, Makeiva’s not just posting selfies for likes; she’s turning those clicks into cash. With a strong presence on Instagram and a YouTube channel that’s more than just cat videos, she’s monetizing her online influence like a boss.

Makeiva Albritten Earnings, Salary & Income

Daily Earnings$3K-$5K
Monthly Earnings$150K-$200K
Yearly Earnings$1M-$2M

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Who is Makeiva Albritten

Makeiva Albritten, an emerging talent in the entertainment industry, is an American actress, dancer, and model. Michigan quickly rose to fame with her standout roles in popular films. Her diverse skill set extends beyond acting, as she’s also the creator of the innovative fitness program JacFit, which offers tailored fitness coaching and nutritional guidance.

Makeiva Albritten

Makeiva Albritten Biography & Wikipedia

Real NameMakeiva Albritten
ProfessionActress, Model
Date of BirthJuly 17, 1995
Place of BirthDetroit, Michigan, USA
HusbandJames Perkins
MotherUpdate Soon
FatherUpdate Soon
Age28 Years
Height5 Feet, 7 Inch
Weight68 Kg
Zodiac SignLeo

Early Life & Career

Makeiva Albritten, a distinguished American actress, dancer, and model, was born on July 17, 1995, in the cultural hub of Detroit, Michigan. Her early years were marked by a supportive family environment that nurtured her artistic talents.

With aspirations in dancing and acting from a tender age, Makeiva’s family encouraged essential for her to chase her dreams.

Makeiva Albritten Career

Makeiva Albritten has established herself as a dynamic force in the entertainment world, beginning her career with a strong foundation in dance and modeling. As a nail technician, social media influencer, and digital content creator.

Makeiva showcases her versatility and connects with a broad audience. Her career trajectory serves as an inspiration for aspiring artists.


Makeiva Albritten’s educational background reflects her commitment to her craft. She attended Wayne State University, where she studied theatre and dance, honing the skills that would later define her career in the arts. This formal education provided her with a solid foundation in performance, contributing to her versatility as an actress and her expressive prowess as a dancer.

  1. Studied theatre and dance
  2. Developed a diverse skill set for her multifaceted career

Awards & Achievements

Makeiva Albritten has been a standout figure in the entertainment industry, with her performances in ‘Queen of Kings’ and ‘Watch Your Back’ hinting at a future filled with accolades. Her dedication to her craft and the acclaim she has garnered for her roles underscore her potential to earn esteemed awards and achievements in the arts.

  1. Best Actress Awards – For her riveting roles in films like Queen of Kings and Watch Your Back.
  2. Dance Achievement Award – It recognizes her spellbinding routines that have left audiences in awe.

Makeiva Albritten Movies & TV Shows

Makeiva Albritten is a shining gem in the entertainment industry whose filmography is as diverse as her talents. From gritty dramas to heartwarming stories, Makeiva’s journey through movies and TV shows is a testament to her versatility and dedication.

The Rise of a Star Makeiva Albritten’s career is a mosaic of characters, each adding depth and color to her impressive portfolio.

The Breakthrough

  1. Queen of Kings (2022) – The role of Alicia catapulted Makeiva into the limelight, showcasing her ability to embody complex characters.
  2. Watch Your Back (2023) – As Paige, Makeiva delivered a powerful and poignant performance.

The Versatile Performer

  1. Rose Gold (2023) – Playing Shanice, she brought a story of ambition and resilience to life.
  2. The Dirty D (2022-2023) – This TV series saw Makeiva as Kyra, a character that resonated with audiences far and wide.

Upcoming Attractions

  1. Drugz & Strippers – Anticipation is high for Makeiva’s portrayal of Keiva.
  2. Trust Nobody – In post-production, this film promises to showcase another facet of Makeiva’s acting prowess.

Makeiva Albritten Parents

Makeiva Albritten keeps her family life private, and it’s clear that their encouragement was pivotal in her pursuit of a career in the performing arts. Her parents’ support helped her develop the confidence and skills necessary to excel as a dancer and actress, laying the foundation for her success.

Makeiva Albritten Husband

Makeiva Albritten is currently in a relationship with businessman and entrepreneur James Perkins. While she is not married, her partnership with Perkins and her role as a mother to two children from a previous marriage, Kayla and Jayden, add to her multifaceted persona. Her private nature means details about her former husband remain undisclosed.

Makeiva Albritten Husband

Makeiva Albritten, Son & Daughter

Makeiva’s journey into motherhood has been as captivating as her on-screen performances. Her son, Jayden, is a spirited 4-year-old with a smile that lights up the room, while her daughter, Kayla, at the tender age of 2, follows in her mother’s footsteps with her little dance moves.

  1. Jayden – The Little Man with a Big Heart
  2. Kayla – The Tiny Dancer with a Sparkle

Makeiva Albritten Age, Height & Weight

She was born on July 17, 1995, which places her at 28 years of age as of 2024. Her stature is 5 feet 7 inches (170 centimeters or 1.70 meters), and she maintains a weight of approximately 68 kilograms (149 pounds). Her physical attributes, combined with her talent, contribute to her commanding presence in the entertainment industry.

Makeiva Albritten Social Media Profile

Makeiva AlbrittenInstagram
Makeiva AlbrittenYoutube
Makeiva AlbrittenFacebook

Final Words

As we conclude this exploration into the life and career of Makeiva Albritten, it’s clear that her journey is as inspiring as it is diverse. From her early days in Detroit to her rise in Hollywood, Makeiva has demonstrated a remarkable dedication to her craft.

She is a testament to where talent, hard work, and passion can lead. Makeiva Albritten’s story is one of triumph, creativity, and the relentless pursuit of dreams.

FAQs Related to Makeiva Albritten

What is Makeiva Albritten net worth?

Makeiva Albritten has an estimated net worth of $1 million as of 2024, which she earned through acting and brand endorsements.

Who is Makeiva Albritten husband?

Makeiva Albritten is currently in a relationship with James Perkins; she was previously married and has two children from that marriage.

How many children does Makeiva Albritten have?

Makeiva Albritten has two children: a son named Jayden and a daughter named Kayla.

What is Makeiva Albritten age?

Born on July 17, 1995, Makeiva Albritten is 28 years old as of 2024.

What are Makeiva Albritten height and weight?

Makeiva Albritten stands 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighs approximately 68 kilograms.

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