Fried Chicken Scales – Revealing the Truth Behind Rare Scales

Chicken scales wrapped in rolling pin Whether it is good or bad is currently an issue of concern to many fighting cock breeders. Because this is one of the rare scales, but there are also bad types and many people ignore them. To answer the truth about this line of chicken scales, let’s join 789bet game We explore the details in the Cockfighting section below.

What are rolled chicken scales like? 

Scalloped chicken scales is the name of a rare type of chicken scales in the world. On the outside of this type of scale there are scales in the inner row, also known as the quach row. Along with that are the scales in the foreign row, called the finished row. These two types of scales are linked together to form a complete set of scales, so they are called rolling scales. 

In fighting cocks, the scales can be located just above or below the spur. Due to the differences between locations, fighting cock breeders should determine the correct location to find the right chicken breed for themselves. Because each scale position will have different meanings in the cockfighting world. 

Characteristics of chicken scales wrapped around the spur

Through the sharing of experienced cockmasters, the scales can evaluate the fighting potential of the cocks. To know good millet lines, please refer to some of the following content. 

Chicken scales rolled across the spur

Evaluating the quality of a fighting chicken is often based on the position of the scales, especially the group of scales located right above the spur. Normally, this rare type of scale will be divided into 3 main types: below the spur, on the spur and right near the spur. 

Among them, the line of chickens with rolled scales on top will be ranked among the chickens with the best fighting style and be among the best fighting chickens. On the contrary, lower rolled scales are often a sign of a weak fighting cock. As for the type of scales with the handle lying horizontally on the spur, it will have a strong fighting style and high victory.

The problem is open

Chicken scales wrapped in rolling pin diaphragm is another type of diaphragm but similar to the diaphragm type, this type of scale is also a combination of internal and external scales linked together. The special thing here is that this scale will wrap from the outer row to the inner row, meaning the size of the scale gradually decreases as it moves towards the inside. 

Chickens with scales and diaphragm handles are often excellent fighters in the cockfighting village. To better understand the fighting characteristics of this breed of chickens, you can apply some of the following rules:

  • Chickens with large scales on their spurs often give horizontal kicks. 
  • Fighting cocks with diaphragm scales at the level of their spurs often have the ability to kick at positions near the neck. 
  • For scales with diaphragms with additional armor skewers, there are often many different kicking positions. 

Consider the good and bad qualities of horizontally rolled grilled chicken

Scales that hang across the spur are a rare phenomenon in the cockfighting world. According to ancient beliefs, fighting cocks with horizontally rolled scales are the chickens with top fighting style. Don’t hesitate, take advantage of this opportunity to foster and develop this talented chicken. 

However, if you want to evaluate the breed rolled chicken scales Whether this is good or bad, you should also pay attention to some points as follows: 

  • Dots or spots must comply with the principle that red eats black, black eats green and light green eats light. 
  • The legs should be arranged with the head facing outward and the base facing inward. 
  • Chickens with a left leg problem have a better fighting style. 

Is chicken scales rolled horizontally the god of chicken?

Chickens with scales hanging across their spurs often stand out with sinister and unique kicks. However, they will not use these moves right at the beginning of the match, but instead, they will wait until the end to begin the decisive blow.  For the fighting cocks there are rolled chicken scales Diaphragm chickens often have the ability to withstand blows better than other chicken breeds. When they detect that their opponents are inattentive or weak, they have the ability to create decisive blows immediately.
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In general, you should let your chickens compete if they have scales hanging across their spurs. Because these are excellent and excellent fighting cocks. But you also have to be careful and stay away from chickens that can punch and break their stirrups because they will quickly lose their position immediately. In addition, to fight cocks best, players need to invest in special care in their diet and daily exercise. Doing these things correctly will help your chicken with scales and rolls have significantly better stamina and endurance.

Above is important information about rolled chicken scales and common types. Hopefully with my recent sharing 789BET will help bettors better understand the facts about the strength and weakness of each type of chicken so that they can choose the most powerful fighting cocks for themselves. 

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