Experience in soccer betting with detailed scores

In recent times, the explosion of anti-score soccer betting has attracted a lot of attention from betting game lovers. In particular, there is a word that this form of betting can bring profits up to 2% per day, beating all other forms of investment. However, is this really true? and what is your experience playing this sport? New888 find out now.

Find out information about anti-score soccer betting

In 2017, the anti-score soccer betting model first appeared in the Southeast Asian market and then spread throughout Asia. This is a form of financial investment using upstream sports score betting, supported by UK law.

The field of counter-score betting is becoming attractive with high odds and transparency in transactions. Many strong countries in the world such as China, the Philippines, and Malaysia are focusing on developing this form.

Anti-score soccer betting usually requires players to bet on the incorrect score result of a match. This is in stark contrast to traditional betting, where players bet on the exact score. If the match result does not match their bet, they can win.

Comparison between counter-odds betting and traditional betting

Thanks to the high winning rate, players have the ability to control their daily profits, with the largest profit possibilities up to 10%. Even in the minimal case, they can still collect a 2% bonus. 

In traditional soccer betting, in-depth knowledge of sports and understanding of the odds and tactics of each team is the deciding factor.

However, counter-score betting is much simpler, just choose the wrong score, opening up more choices. Different from traditional betting, this form provides up to 18 choices in one bet, with a win rate of up to 95%. For example, if the match score is 2-1 and you bet against the score 1-1 then you have won. This is an extremely simple form of play.

Experience in playing soccer betting against scores

Despite the high winning rate and simple process, consulting and accumulating betting tips can help increase your chances of winning when participating in counter-score betting. Here are the things you should consider:

  • Choose reputable bookmakers to avoid the risk of being scammed and losing bonuses.
  • Carefully study information about the match to have accurate assessments and predictions, and then bet in the opposite direction for a greater chance of winning.
  • Manage your betting capital appropriately, only bet as much as you are confident about your prediction to have a chance to make big profits.
  • Always know when to stop when participating in counter-score betting or any other form of betting to avoid negative consequences.

Where should I bet on counter-score?

According to New88 com’s research, in the current market, many bookmakers have updated the form of counter-score betting to serve players. However, to ensure safety and fairness during the betting process, choosing reputable bookmakers is very important. You can rely on the following criteria:
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  • The results of the bet are announced immediately after the match ends and displayed publicly on the house’s homepage so players can easily follow.
  • Here, players can find important information about the match situation, form, ability of both teams, confrontation history, etc. to make accurate betting choices.
  • The process of paying rewards to players will comply with the prescribed rate and be carried out quickly and completely. Using high security technology, players’ personal information and transactions will be completely confidential.
  • In addition, the house regularly organizes attractive promotions, helping to effectively increase capital for members and create favorable conditions for them to participate in betting.

Below is some information New88 has provided the form of soccer betting against scores. Many people have taken advantage of this opportunity to earn large profits through simple gameplay. Hopefully you have also gained experience to participate in playing this form.

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