Betting and the Law: Navigating Regulations

All countries in the world have different attitudes towards gambling regulation. In this material we will tell you in which countries bookmakers legally operate and pay taxes – this is the basis and meaning at the moment. There is also another point missing in all this – protecting players from bookmakers, who can sometimes do all kinds of unpleasant things with players’ accounts.

We will talk specifically about those who have made a huge leap in the legalization of betting over the past 20 years and are trying to bring sports betting to the letter of the law.

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Main markets: UK, Australia, and USA


In England, where the culture of betting generally originated, there is regulation. Some say that it was first legal to make predictions on horse racing in the early 1810s, while others claim that betting on all sports was already legal around the 1850s.

It is not surprising that some of the largest bookmakers in the world come from England. The legislation is quite serious and every year regulators introduce additional rules for bookmakers. Advertising for bookmakers must be located in certain places, and the state is also concerned about protecting players and combating gambling addiction. The bookmaker is obliged to carry out an initial verification of the player and implement self-restraint methods on the site so that problems arise with the game.


Similarly in the UK, rates are strictly regulated at the state level. Australia is divided into states and the operator must obtain permission to operate in each state.

In legal bookmakers, the line differs from what a European player is accustomed to. You won’t find detailed descriptions of statistics or totals in the line, but you can bet on major sporting events with a minimum description of victories, goals, and handicaps. Also, in the country, there is criminal liability for court siding and any fraudulent actions in sports.


In the United States, gambling is strictly regulated. There are several prohibitions and restrictions on both the state and federal levels. From a legal perspective, it is a patchwork of jurisdictions. Only two states (Utah and Hawaii) have a complete ban on gambling. In all others, certain forms of gambling are allowed.

Returning to online betting, it is still illegal in most states, but there is a noticeable trend towards liberalization of laws. Virginia and Colorado were the latest to legalize sports betting.


There are also 3 countries in the Baltic states where betting is legal everywhere: Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. Moreover, Lithuania was the last country to legalize it in 2015.

African Countries

Africa is home to 1.3 billion people and a region of great interest to online betting operators. Of the 54 countries, only 7 completely ban all gambling (Mauritania, Guinea-Bissau, Libya, Sudan, Somalia, Burundi, and Eritrea).

Some countries, such as Tunisia and Egypt, have an exception to the strict restrictions that apply to tourists and foreigners. In other states, the exception applies specifically to sports betting (for example, in Nigeria it is defined as a game of skill and therefore does not qualify as gambling).

In most countries, the online aspect of betting is not regulated at all, which adds uncertainty to companies doing business in the region. Many platforms operate without any restrictions, but sometimes governments suddenly tighten measures against gambling enterprises. For example, in May 2019, Ugandan Prime Minister Matia Kasaiah called for a halt to the issuance of new gambling licenses. However, there is no mention in official sources that this happened. At this time, there is no reason to believe that the state is not issuing new licenses.

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Regulation of sports betting by law is a very complex and confusing process. Today, almost everyone has access to the Internet and a VPN, which will allow you to change your digital location, which means it is almost impossible to identify you. The main thing is that bookmakers are generally accepted and licensed, which means they are honest and do not deceive their users.

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