Kris Lindahl Net Worth – Salary, Earnings, Wiki, Wife, Age, Height

Kris Lindahl is a real estate expert, author, and leader with an estimated net worth of $15 million. He is also the founder of Kris Lindahl Real Estate, the No. 1 team in Minnesota and Wisconsin, and the official partner of the Minnesota Wild. He is also a generous philanthropist who supports different causes and organizations through his foundation.

How did Kris Lindahl Make his Net Worth

Kris Lindahl has multiple sources of income that contribute to his wealth and net worth. Here are some of the main ones:

Real Estate Commissions and Profits

As the founder and CEO of Kris Lindahl Real Estate, Kris Lindahl earns commissions and profits from the sales and transactions of properties handled by his company. His company is one of the nation’s largest and most successful independent real estate companies.

The company also offers a unique Guaranteed Offer program, which allows homeowners to sell their homes quickly and conveniently without the hassle of showings, repairs, or commissions.

Books, Podcasts, and Speaking Engagements

Kris Lindahl is also a public speaker and author. He has written several books on real estate and personal development, where he interviews successful entrepreneurs, celebrities, and experts on various topics.

He also speaks at various events and conferences, sharing his insights and expertise with other realtors and aspiring entrepreneurs. These activities generate income for him through book sales, sponsorships, advertisements, and fees.


Like many successful entrepreneurs, Kris Lindahl has diversified his income streams by investing in various sectors. He has invested in multiple businesses, such as a digital marketing agency, a mortgage company, a title company, and a home warranty company.

He also invests in real estate properties, stocks, bonds, and other assets that generate passive income and capital gains.

Income SourceEstimated Amount
Real Estate Commissions and Profits$60 million
Books, Podcasts, and Speaking Engagements$1 million

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Early Life

Kris Lindahl was born in 1983 and raised in Blaine, Minnesota, near Minneapolis. He grew up in a humble, loving family with his parents and brother, Chris. He was a natural entrepreneur who started his first business selling candy bars to his classmates when he was 12.

Kris had a close relationship with his father, role model, and mentor. His father taught him the values of hard work, integrity, and generosity and encouraged him to pursue his goals. Kris looked up to his father, who was a successful businessman and a respected leader in the community.

Kris Lindahl Early Life


Kris enrolled at Minnesota State University, Mankato, where he pursued a degree in education. He wanted to be a teacher and was passionate about helping others learn and grow. He was also interested in business and entrepreneurship and started his lawn care company in college.

During his senior year, he attended a seminar on short sales, which sparked his curiosity about real estate. He decided to try it and got his real estate license in 2006. He applied the skills and knowledge from his education degree, such as communication, creativity, and problem-solving, to his real estate career.


Kris Lindahl’s career as a real estate agent took off rapidly. Within a year, he became Minnesota’s No. 1 short sale agent. By 2014, he became Minnesota’s No. 1 real estate agent, ranked by Real Trends. He joined a national brokerage umbrella, where he led one of America’s top real estate teams. He sold hundreds of homes yearly and earned millions of dollars in commissions.

Kris Lindahl sought to transcend the status quo. His ambition was to establish his brand, culture, and vision. Challenging traditional real estate practices, he aimed to enhance the experience for both clients and agents. Striving for a broader impact, he worked to transform the industry and make a positive mark on the world.

Kris Lindahl Career

Awards and Recognition

Kris Lindahl has earned numerous awards and recognition for his excellence and innovation in real estate, marketing, leadership, and philanthropy. Some of his notable achievements include:

  1. Being ranked as Minnesota’s No.1 real estate agent by Real Trends in 2014.
  2. Real Trends and Trulia named me one of America’s best real estate agents.
  3. Being nominated as the Innovator of the Year by Inman News three times.

Community and Philanthropy

Kris Lindahl is also a generous and compassionate community supporter and leader. He invented and popularized the #BeGenerous hashtag and movement and made giving back to the community a part of his everyday life. He and his team have supported dozens of organizations and causes, such as:

  1. 23rd Veteran is a nonprofit that helps veterans transition to civilian life.
  2. Spare Key is a charity that provides housing assistance to families in crisis.
  3. Hope for Tomorrow is a program that empowers youth through mentoring and leadership development.
Real NameKris Lindahl
ProfessionReal state expert, Author
Date of BirthMarch 1983
Place of BirthBlaine, Minnesota, United States.
WifeMicheal Rothman
Age41 Years
Height5 feet and 7 inches

Kris Lindahl Physical Appearance

Kris Lindahl is a man in his mid-30s with blond hair, blue eyes, and a fair complexion. He has a tall and athletic build and a confident and charismatic demeanor. He is known for his signature pose, spreading his arms wide, smiling broadly, and looking straight ahead.

Kris usually wears a blue shirt, a white hat, and a pair of jeans. He has a distinctive and recognizable visual identity, which he uses to promote his brand and real estate company.

Kris Lindahl Wife

Micheal Rothman is a successful entrepreneur and educator who married Kris Lindahl, a famous real estate agent and CEO, from 2009 to 2017. They have a daughter named Victoria, who will be 13 years old in 2024.

Micheal is the founder and CEO of The Rothman Group, a consulting firm that helps schools and organizations improve their culture, leadership, and performance. She is also a certified coach, a speaker, and an author of a book called The Culture Factor. 

Kris Lindahl Wife

Kris Lindahl Age, Height, and Weight

Kris Lindahl is a famous realtor and CEO born in 1983, making him 41 years old as of 2024. He stands 5 feet and 7 inches tall, slightly below average for American men, but he does not let that affect his confidence or success. He has a lean and muscular physique and maintains his health and fitness by following a balanced diet and regular exercise routine.

Kris Lindahl Social Media Presence

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Final Thoughts

Kris Lindahl is a real estate mogul and a social media star with a net worth of $15 million as of 2024. Kris Lindahl is a remarkable example of how to achieve success and happiness in life. He has overcome his loss and challenges and has grown as an individual and a professional. He has created a thriving business, a loyal fan base, and a positive impact.


What is Kris Lindahl net worth?

Kris Lindahl’s net worth is estimated at around $15 million as of 2024. He has earned his wealth mainly from his real estate career, where he is the founder and CEO of Kris Lindahl Real Estate, one of the country’s most successful and innovative independent brokerages.

What are Kris Lindahl salary and earnings?

Kris Lindahl’s salary and earnings are not publicly disclosed, but they will likely be very high, considering his achievements and reputation in the real estate industry. He has also invested heavily in marketing, technology, training, and philanthropy, boosting his business opportunities and profits.

Who is Kris Lindahl wife?

Kris Lindahl is a successful real estate agent and innovator who married Micheal Rothman but divorced in 2017.

How old, tall, and heavy is Kris Lindahl?

Kris Lindahl is 41 years old as of 2024 and was born in 1983. He is 5 feet and 7 inches tall, slightly below average for American men, but he does not let that affect his confidence or success.

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